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The 2013 Beaufort Intergalactic
Storytelling Festival & Liars Competition



Liars Competition
Winners Announced

2013 BIG Storytelling Festival Liars Competition Winners!

The Liars Competition is the pants-on-fire component of the annual BIG Story Fest, produced by ARTworks, the arts council of Beaufort Port Royal and the Sea Islands. The festival celebrates the deeply fun tradition of storytelling. Beaufort Middle School's new storytelling troupe, The Dreamers, filled the junior division, setting the bar for more community troupes forming now. The MC was acclaimed storyteller Bil Lepp, who between contestants told his story of the Strike Anywhere Matches. Lepp is also a five-time champ of the West Virginia Liars Contest. The competition was fierce:


Junior division
tied for first place: Luke Sargent and Braylin Young~ $100 each
2nd place: Bayley Lake
tied for 3rd: Trammel Delaney and Hailey Seckinger

Senior division
1st place: Bear Nestor ~ $250 and $1000 to his non-profit of choice, Friends of Hunting Island
2nd place: Magic Margie ~ $100
ties for 3rd place: Jim Gibson and Dick Stewart, $50 each